Most shotgunners would agree that even though semiautomatic shotguns have improved, they still can’t compete with solid pump-action shotguns such as the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500. Many hunters love semi-autos because of their smooth and quick cycling mossberg 940 for sale. According to the old saying, sour is better than sweet. I’ve hunted small game, upland birds, and waterfowl many times with several semi-auto shotguns and have felt the pleasure and pain that comes with it.

One, I’ve found having an almost immediate follow-up shot has been a massive help in filling my limit. For example, I had delivered a serious, but not fatal or paralyzing, hit on a duck with one shot and then brought it down with another shot before it flew out of range on multiple occasions. My hunting buddy and good friend is a Remington 870 fan. Even though he’s a master with the shotgun, the second or third shot is still a bit slower. A motivated bird can quickly cover a lot of ground, and every second counts in the duck blind or the fields of pheasants.

He doesn’t like to admit it but has lost some birds over the years due to a missed or a wounded shot. However, his pump action can eat any load he puts in without problems. This is unlike most semi-autos, who are picky about what they eat and don’t. My semiautomatic shotguns need me to be more thorough in cleaning. This is especially important when it is inclement. This has been the status quo in the semi-auto and pump debate for the past several decades.

It was last year that I was able to hunt with my new Mossberg 940 Pro Field semiautomatic gun. It changed the way that I view shotguns. While semiautomatic shotguns have improved over time and have steadily closed the reliability gap, none of the semiautomatic guns I hunted with were perfect. This Mossberg 940 Pro Field review is in-depth. It covers the pros and cons of the 940 Pro Field. You can then make an informed decision about buying one.

Before we begin, I need to make an administrative note. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission when you make a sale. This commission is paid at no extra cost to your account. This will help support the blog and allow me to continue creating helpful content for people like yourself. Thank you for your support. Mossberg is famous for its shotguns, particularly the legendary Model 500 pump-action. They have produced many semiautomatic shotguns, but none are as renowned as their pump shotguns.

The Mossberg 930 semiautomatic shotgun was their mainstay for many years. It performed very well for hunters, amateur recreational shooters, and professional shooters competing in 3 gun competitions. The shotguns were plagued by inconsistent shooting. People ran their 930s extremely hard without any problems. Other people reported issues with reliability. After firing about a hundred rounds, most malfunctions can be fixed by religious cleaning or lubrication.

Mossberg considered these factors and made some changes to the 930.Mossberg 940 JM Pro was the result. It was released in 2020. The 940 JM Pro was not first sold to the hunting and shooting community. Instead, they partnered with Lena Miculek and Jerry Miculek, who shot their 940s in three-gun competitions. Mossberg concentrated on a few high-volume shooters like Jerry Miculek, a world-champion shooter. This allowed them to quickly iron out any issues in their design and release other versions of 940 to the shooting and hunting community.

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