Are you planning a trip to Morocco and searching for travel advice? Then read on for our top tips and an exciting adventure plan! Morocco is a 4-hour plane ride from Europe. Yet, it feels like you have been transported to a different world. Morocco offers a pleasant climate, adventure, and oriental flair, making it a perfect destination for a road trip things to do in Marrakech.

This post contains all our best travel advice for Morocco based on our experience. Prepare for your road trip with this comprehensive guide. When is it best to travel? What is the safety of a journey to Morocco? How can I get to A from B? In this travel guide for Morocco, you’ll get the answers to all these questions. What images do you have in mind when thinking of Morocco? What idea comes to mind when you think of Morocco? When you visit Morocco, you will be able to enjoy this. These three things are what makes Morocco so unique and why you should see:

Morocco offers a unique experience from morning to night. The colorful markets are followed by the traditional cuisine, the hammams, and the beautiful hotels (riads). Morocco’s landscapes will leave you breathless. Although we had high hopes, it exceeded our expectations. You are in a different world just a few hours after leaving mainland Europe. No nerve-wracking jet lag, no long-haul flight. Anyone who does not want to travel far will find this a perfect destination.

Do yDo you want to know the sights you can’t afford to miss and the places you must visit in each country? Our detailed blog will show you the places we visited and what you can look forward to. There are many months to travel to Morocco, but some are better than others. You can also choose which region of Morocco you would like to visit.

Ideal travel seasons for a trip around Morocco include spring (if possible) and avoid the holiday season – i.e., Easter (if possible). Autumn is the ideal time for a round trip through Morocco. Morocco can be sunny and warm in the spring, even if it is still cool in Europe. In autumn, you can enjoy Morocco’s late summer.

The midsummer months (July-August) are not recommended, especially if you want to see the desert. Between April and October, sandstorms start brewing in the desert. In the shade, sightseeing at 35°C can be very uncomfortable. Some restaurants are closed for the entire day during Ramadan. Around Christmas or New Year, people flock to the sun. Morocco has become very crowded. You should avoid this period if you wish to avoid the crowds.

We visited Morocco in late February/early March. The sun was scorching during the day. In the evening, it cooled down. Our accommodation was equipped with heating. In the colder months, make sure you find rooms that have heating. The nights will otherwise be uncomfortably chilly.

Even though there are many travel tips about Morocco available on the Internet, such as in our blog, it is still recommended that you purchase a printed book. Rough Guide Travel Guide is a guide we highly recommend. Rough Guide travel guide is known for its detailed research and thoroughness. Rough Guide published the new Morocco Travel Guide in 2019. It is up-to-date. This guide is perfect for anyone who travels to Morocco.

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